20 years isolutions

By December 12, 2019News
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On February 20, 2020 we have a very special reason to celebrate: isolutions turns 20! 

It all started 20 years ago as a small but innovative idea between two brothers and their best friend. That was the day isolutions was founded in Unterseen, a small town in the Swiss mountains. In February 2017, isolutions hit an important milestone when it reached 100 employees. Later that year, it even explored new shores and a fourth office was established in sunny Barcelona. Today, isolutions is a company with over 135 employees in four offices – Bern, Basel, Zurich and Barcelona. 

On 20th February 2020, the whole team of isolutions celebrated this 20th Anniversary in Zurich. The crew from Barcelona flew to Switzerland on the same day and met the rest of the company in the AURA event room.

“The venue was amazing. There were 4 big screens where you could see images constantly changing from every city where isolutions has offices in, as other type of content. We began remembering how it all began. After that, a jazz band joined us while having a flying dinner.”, shares Karolin Kerth, our Billing Specialist.

Swiss rapper, beatboxer and presenter Knackeboul joined the celebration with his live performance before the DJ dropped some 90’s Pop tunes that made everyone dance and enjoy the closure of the night.

“Everybody was super cheerful. We even asked for Reggaeton!”, keeps explaining Karolin. “Clients and partners joined the event and it was a great opportunity to meet everyone better. A few people told me they loved my dress!”.

As Karolin came back to Spain on the next day, half of the crew made the most of the weekend staying in Zurich.

Together we rose our glasses to a fantastic 20 years and to many more to come. Happy Birthday isolutions!