By April 15, 2020News

Currently everyone at isolutions Barcelona is working from home and to make the confinement time more entertaining and fun, the team has come up with a 30 Days Challenge! And it’s time for you to join us!

The challenge consists on 30 simple actions you can do everyday to keep yourself motivated and distracted during these challenging times. You can start anytime you feel like!

Join us!

Day 1: Read a book in the sun

Day 2: Rewatch your utilmate favourite movie

Day 3: Clean your shoes!

Day 4: Make homemade ice cream

Day 5: Start the day with 10 minutes of Yoga

Day 6: Listen to Classical Music

Day 7: Win someone at BATTLESHIP

Day 8: Drink homemade lemonade

Day 9: Watch a documentary about your next place to visit

Day 10: Make a Sudoku

Day 11: Stretch yourself!

Day 12: #TryNotToLaughChallenge with viral funny videos on Youtube

Day 13: Follow isolutions Barcelona on Social Media

Day 14: Try some food you have never eaten

Day 15: Listen to a Podcast

Day 16: Prepare pancakes for breakfast

Day 17: Store your winter clothes and take the summer ones out with Marie Kondo

Day 18: Try new exercises with the elastic training brands

Day 19: Invite one of your colleagues to a virtual beer

Day 20: Watch a TED Talk of your choice

Day 21: Try Mindfulness

Day 22: Learn about a Swiss tradition

Day 23: Feliç Sant Jordi! Read “La Llegenda” (the challenge is based on the month of April)

Day 24: Dance the “Cha Cha Slide”

Day 25: Read about a Barcelona monument

Day 26: KUDO box: Give KUDOS to someone you care about

Day 27: Workout with toilet rolls (use them later on)

Day 28: How many fish live in the sea?

Day 29: Watch a classic Disney movie with Hot Chocolate

Day 30: Buy something at a local store


Some pictures from our employees: