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Our Business Solutions Team spent one week in Switzerland, where they finally met our Swiss colleagues in person.

After more than a year of waiting to travel to the offices in Switzerland, it was finally time to pack the suitcases and make a change of scenery. Thanks to our modern technologies, remote collaboration works exceptionally well but is still different from meeting in person and having beer (and solving challenges) together.  

The week started, how could it be any different, with a culinary exchange. We shared botifarra, fuet, and jamón serrano, a bit of Barcelona’s flavour, with our Swiss colleagues, before setting up the computers and getting to work. Solving challenges together, doing workshops and learning more about our clients, all whilst exploring and learning more about ZurichBern and the Swiss culture, was amazing. 

“Overall, I had a wonderful time in Switzerland during the six days of the trip that I look back on fondly. Our Swiss colleagues are very hospitable: showing us around the office, explaining how to make use of its facilities and showing us around the city centre of Bern. There was not a single day without getting a taste (or more!) of Swiss culture that went by.” – Ruben, Software Developer  

The highlight of the week was certainly the teambuilding event in the Swiss mountains. From visiting a cheese factory over mountain hiking up to a ride in a e-scooter all the way down to the valley, the Swiss colleagues made sure that the team had a unique experience. This event combined both the greatest things in Switzerland – nature and foodRuben, our newest crew member who had just joined as a Junior Software Developer a week prior to the visit shares with us: 

I remember most the team-building eventsin which we got to help make Swiss cheese and hiked in the Swiss mountains. As someone from the Netherlands, I know how cheese is made, but the artisanal touch of Swiss cheese making was new for me; the amount of dedication and love that goes into making the Emmentaler cheese is admirable!

As for hiking in the mountains, since I am a huge fan of hiking, I had a fun time there and truly felt like a mountain goat for a few moments. What I did not expect was the ride on the way down, a tiny bike that can reach insane speeds due to the downwards slope, it was so scary at first, but it is really an experience worth having, and one for the books! 

However, the adventure did not stop there. On Tuesday, the team jumped from the office into the Aare River, a mustdo when in Bernjumping to a 5ºC water was worth the wait and sharing with your teammates is something that makes it unforgettableAn important subject for the team during the week was to work first-hand with the Swiss colleagues, working daily remotely is not the same as being in the same office. 

“This trip allowed us to improve our relationship within our team, getting closer with our colleagues, and getting to know more crew members whom we do not work with directly but are an important part of the company. It was also a fulfilling experience for the Barcelona Crew, because of COVID and remote working, we had not seen each other as often as we would want. We knew our faces and voices from a screen, but after this trip, I can admit that I feel like I belong and feel closer to our team; I am amazed by the fantastic crew both in Barcelona and Switzerland.” – Joaquim, Software Developer.

“I am thankful to our Swiss colleagues for the warm welcome they have provided. I am inspired by their hospitality and dedication to get work done and enjoy each other’s company and what the world has to offer in the process.” – Ruben

At isolutions, we believe these events help us strengthen our passion and culture, giving our crew the opportunity to improve their team relationship that leads to employee happiness, and now as the world is returning to normal it is exciting to think of all the things to come. 

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