Breakfast at the Beach

By July 6, 2020News

After months of “my Internet connection is slow today, I can’t hear you” and “I am now sharing my screen, can you see it?”, the team of isolutions Barcelona finally got together to celebrate the beginning of summer with a wonderful breakfast at Platja de la Nova Icària.

We met in the morning to enjoy some warm morning coffees and freshly orange juicies before treating ourselves with English, American and Mediterranian breakfasts at Mokai beach bar. We talked, enjoyed the not so sunny sky (nobody is perfect) and took some cool Polaroids that we can now exhibit in our office. Ah, the memories!

After the meeting, the group divided as some team members went back to their home and others preferred to head back to the office and enjoy the first pieces of our new Polaroid museum!

Team, we wish you a happy social distancing summer. It was fantastic to see you all! Onto the next one!