Dynamics 365 Developer Academy

By December 13, 2019News

At isolutions we are not only driven to provide intelligent software solutions to our clients, we also want to encourage young professionals to develop their skills and prepare them for the needs of the professional world. This is why the company founded the isolutions Academy, which offers various training courses with topics ranging from the current Microsoft services to corporate awareness.

One branch of the isolutions Academy offers courses for new employees to familiarize themselves with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Within the Dynamics 365 Academy, isolutions offers two routes. The first option is a long-term course guiding the junior talent on its way to a professional position within the company, a journey that is intended to last up to three years. The second route is a short developer course for newly hired employees that can be completed as part of the onboarding process.

This short course is designed for developers with one to two years of .NET experience. Over the course of two to three days, it provides information about the product-specific characteristics and tool-specific code needed to work on CRM projects. The hands-on approach, using real tasks and projects, allows the developers to gain experience and strengthen their skills before being incorporated into CRM projects for clients.

The graph below shows the different areas the short course covers:

Starting with a theoretic base of the architecture, the SDK and tools, the course swiftly moves onto tasks such as using a Custom Workflow Activity or developing a ribbon script to create a button. Together with the team lead, the developer can evaluate the skills that still need to be consolidated and thus direct their own learning. This allows for a rapid incorporation into the team.

„Precise and complete course that also includes a list of useful tools and plugins. After completing the training, I was able to quickly start working on real projects.”- employee review

Are you a .NET developer and interested in gaining new skills as a Dynamics 365 developer? Join our crew!