Infrastructure as Code

By February 26, 2021News
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isolutions supports a customer in Switzerland with the cloud transformation to Azure and Dynamics 365. As part of the cloud transition, we decided together with the customer to provision all artifacts in the Azure cloud using Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC). Terraform is used as the framework. We use it to provision Azure Subscription, Policies, Resource Groups, Networks, but also Azure DevOps projects, Dynamics 365 instances, and much more. Deployment is done automatically from an Azure DevOps pipeline.

Thanks to this approach, we have identical Dev, Test, and Prod environments. All changes to the infrastructure are documented in the code repository and are reviewed by a second person before deployment. We also ensure that the naming convention is respected. We thus achieve a high level of stability in the operation of the Azure environment.

The positive experience with this customer has prompted us to also define and deploy the infrastructure as code for almost 10 other customers. For us, IaC is a key to scale in in cloud transformation and in the operation of Azure environments.

To this end, we have invested in training and are specifically hiring IaC developers in our delivery center in Barcelona.