Put a boat, the Barcelona coast and a fantastic team together and you get an adventurous team building!

On a sunny Friday afternoon in September, our team was called in for a surprise team event in front of the Mapfre Tower. Everyone was guessing what to expect, the most important clue being an email that said: “Comfortable clothes and trainers with white soles”.

Anticipation was high and as we made our way to the harbor, it was clear: we were going sailing!  Divided into 3 teams, the crew boarded the boats with one goal in mind: to win the race! The skipper of each boat explained the rules and the most important navigation points for a successful sailing experience, and then it was time to start the regatta.   

After getting the sail down, which included a demonstration of the strength of our teammates, we started to navigate the sea. Each crewmate had an assigned role to ensure that we didn’t end up on the sea, waiting to be rescued.  

Right from the start we quickly learned that sailing requires teamwork. Since the ship uses the wind to move, the captain always needs to analyze its directions, compensate for the sea movement and be aware of obstacles, like other ships or people who may get in the way. Our captain instructed the crew to prepare for a change of direction so that we could release and tighten the sail’s rope while the other crew members moved quickly to the opposite side of the boat to balance the weight. This can be seen as a hard experience but it’s easier when you are in the right crew, it even helps to discover new talents within each team.  

Like any project we do at the office, communication and trust were the key elements to winning the race. Knowing that the whole team was ready to adapt according to new challenges or obstacles that may appear made the challenge easier and it was fun to share it with such a fantastic crew. 

After an amazing experience and 3 competitive races, team one was declared as the regatta’s winner, cue for some celebratory cava. After that some “Pica Pica” and beers for the whole crew was due, we got to talk, laugh, and share together, even with remote teammates we normally don’t see often.  

We thank the amazing team of Sailing Barcelona Experience for all their help to make this team building a reality. After this experience, the Barcelona crew is ready to keep navigating the technology sea and keep creating products and solutions while shaping the future of technology. It was fantastic to be all together again!