Remote Onboarding and Virtual Beers 2020

By July 28, 2020News

During the uncertain months of spring, Elias and Michael joined the team of isolutions in Barcelona. Lockdown was established while our new Software Developer and first-ever Test Manager got on the boat of isolutions remotely, an experience both of them recall as “first-time”.


Elias knew he was going to join isolutions two days before the lockdown was announced in March. “I had a doubtful moment with everything that was going on, but just in time, the HR team sent me all the necessary equipment for me to start working from home! I set it up and everything was already integrated and planned for me. All the meetings with a defined purpose, the onboarding and training process, the introduction to our Way of Work,… Everything! I was really impressed.”.

Our team met the new Developer with a ‘Welcome beer with Elias!’ video call. “Everyone introduced themselves and then I forgot half of the things everyone said! But it was really great. I had my project introduction with Juan, a colleague in Switzerland. We are both Argentinian, so you can tell how fun it was”.

When talking about challenges, Elias shares that his main one was starting in a new company from home. But he adds that he got used to it quickly and now he focuses even more when working from his home office. “This way of work is going to be on my day-to-day projects because my team is in Switzerland. It’s great. We used to have a meeting with the Barcelona crew on Friday afternoons to enjoy a beer. It was very helpful because once I went to the office, I felt I already knew everyone”.


Michael joined the boat of isolutions in May when the lockdown was a little bit less restrictive, but still, he onboarded remotely. “I was concerned about the situation, I couldn’t imagine starting in a company the way I have with isolutions. I went to the office to pick up all my equipment and we couldn’t even shake hands! It was strange, but from the first moment I had a good feeling about everything”.

“Everyone was super open about testing and I heard a few ‘I am glad you are finally here’! Quality is everyone’s concern so that made everything easier. I met the Barcelona team very gradually as I would bump into people in the office. I also had a ‘Welcome meeting’ on our Monday call”.

When asked about what helped during these complicated times, Michael takes it back to the activities isolutions organized. “We did two virtual Escape Rooms! And we also had spontaneous video calls during the week with Barcelona’s crew. One of the surprises when I first met the team in person: Edin was taller than I expected.”

“I am very happy with how everything worked out. Everyone is very prepared for reacting to unplanned things instead of planned ones, which is something my position brings along. The people are very supportive, flexible and open. And with a good sense of humour!”

As the concluding question: “Which are your most used tools?”, Elias and Michael share that for their projects  Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code for programming as well as AzureDevops for testing are indispensable. And finally, they both agree that the main tool they have been using for communication is Microsoft Teams.

We are very happy to have you, Elias and Michael, on board!