Live from Zürich: SnowBootCamp 2021

By January 28, 2021News
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The "new year, new me" quote is waaay too old-fashioned. "New year, new SnowBootCamp", that is what they say nowadays.

Just when you think you have had enough celebrations with Christmas, New Years, and el Día de Reyes, you must make sure there is room available for one last party; the SnowBootCamp. As a cherry on top and the definitive new year kick-off, the isolutions annual event reunites all the fantastic crew in one place.

We celebrate the milestones achieved in the previous year and get the chance to work and introduce the goals for the new one. As the company keeps growing, this energy boosteis always in constant evolution and appears to be the master of surprises! 

Live from Zürich

Since 2008, the isolutions crew gets together every January for the two-days event. All the fantastic people from the different offices of Basel, Zürich, Bern, and Barcelona reunite in one placespeak about the new vision and mission of the company, participate in knowledge-sharing sessions, and work together with their different units to set the goals for the upcoming year. Typically located in the Swiss Alps, the event ends with a big celebration and yes, you can go skiing! 

This year, due to the current situation, we sadly could not grab those plane tickets and fly to Switzerland to meet our colleagues. But everyone made sure that the event’s spirit remained at 100%.  

On Friday 8th January, while most of the crew was cosily waking up in their houses, the management team had everything ready to surprise the troop with a fantastic live event. With 1.5 tons of technical material, our office at The Circle in Zürich had been transformed into a gigantic streaming studio and the SnowBootCamp 2021 could kick off at 8:30 am.

In a completely new format, the event led the crew through a variety of topics, such as the presentation of the isolutions 2025 Vision, the journey of our spin-off aheadand an inspiring live interview with BOBST, one of our over 300 customers. 

As a Microsoft one-stopshop, we make our customers’ goals our own and lead the projects to success with quality, so it was a great opportunity to count with the participation of our customer BOBSTStéphane Mader, Head of Group Communications at BOBST, one of the world’s largest packaging manufacturers with over 6,000 employees, gave us a unique insight into the activities of his company with his customer story and answered all our questions. 

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Along the morning, the isolutions Hero awards were given to some of our colleagues, promotions were announced, and a movie from our team in Barcelona was premiered to the whole Swiss crew. And no, the movie has not been released to the public. And will not! Finally, this year’s charity mission was presented, the project “Inzira“, which supports children and young people in Rwanda in building their own future. isolutions supports and promotes social projects through the direct commitment of our employees of 1 paid working week.  

And meanwhile, a baking challenge was taking place within the event. We all got sent home a nice box with material to participate in and make the best cupcake ever. The level was very high, and the real challenge became to be choosing the “Best Cupcake” winner.

The SnowBootCamp happens to be the perfect occasion to reflect and celebrate all together. As well as it is the greatest moment to finally kick the new year off and start it with energy 

Even though this new format was a great solution for 2021, we hope we can all get together and fully experience the SnowBootCamp again. Onto the next one!