Success Case: Image Uploader for bfu

By April 28, 2020News

When you can work with new technologies for the first time, that is a great job. But when the customer praises you on Twitter for the project, that is a dream job.

During the Office 365 migration, a customer wanted to reorganize and move all his pictures to SharePoint online. The images had to be tagged automatically. He asked us to develop and upload a tool that recognized the content of the image using AI and stored it as metadata in SharePoint. This would make the images searchable using Microsoft search. And that is what we did!

We implemented a frontend with React which uploaded the pictures to an Azure Blob Storage. There, a Logic App picked them up, optimized the images and analyzed them using Cognitive Services Computer Vision. Applying Azure’s powerful Cognitive Services, the pictures were tagged based on their content. We translated the output from English to German and pushed it back to the frontend using SignalR Core. The user can confirm, and if needed customize, the tags and start the uploading to SharePoint Online using Microsoft Graph.

Peter SchoenthalCIO at bfu, congratulated us on Twitter. Thank you Peter!

Technologies we worked with on this project

  • Azure App Services
  • Azure Functions
  • React
  • SignalR
  • Cognitive Services Computer Vision
  • Cognitive Services Translator Text
  • Microsoft Graph
  • SharePoint Online

We are very delighted to add this success case on our 2020 record! Great feedback from both sides, as Esteban Luchsinger, Software Developer at isolutions, shares:

“I enjoyed working on this project because I believe we can deliver a lot of added value to our customer utilizing powerful cutting-edge technology”