Summer Party 2021

After a long time, the whole isolutions crew finally got together again for this years’ Summer Party in Bern. Teams from different locations reunited to celebrate and bring the partying skills to the next level.

It is August 2021; summer is almost ending, and we are waiting for the long-awaited confirmation that this year’s summer party is happening. Since our SnowBootCamp in January 2020, this was finally the opportunity to meet our Swiss colleagues in person again. Some plan alterations and bio-security measures later, it was time to start planning and getting our suitcases ready for Switzerland! 

As we got together in Switzerland, we could finally catch-up with all the new crew members and explore live our offices in Zurich & Bern while having a coffee. But most importantly, we could finally attend another company event without pushing a “Join Meeting” button before. A welcomed change after more than one and a half years 

Just at the right time, the summer also arrived in Switzerland (maybe we brought it from Barcelona?) and our party could take place on a sunny afternoon. On a rooftop terrace in Bern, we were able to enjoy food and drinks, dance, laugh and celebrate all together or also challenging each other playing table tennis. Having a fun time was an easy achievable goal with the fantastic people crew back together again.   

With a team in different locations, we appreciate the advantages of a remote setup very much, but we also know that nothing beats a good party in person. It’s an opportunity to live our company’s culture, get to know each other in a more relaxed environment and learn about our colleagues work and life.  

We headed back to Barcelona with great memories and full of new energy to turn our innovative ideas into reality. Now as a company we are more excited than ever to shape the future of tomorrow together with our customers.  

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