The shortcut to success

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Time to share some knowledge!

Knowledge-sharing sessions are one of the most valuable activities at isolutions. They take place several times per year, mainly during our tech lunches.

Using shortcuts when developing is one of the best ways to increase your speed and directly your productivity.


Delivering faster

Illustration showing the most important shortcuts to improve effectiveness

So, let’s start with the beginning. What is a shortcut? A shortcut is a quicker way to do something or to go somewhere. You do the same thing that you used to do but in a more direct way, being more efficient. So basically, you do it faster.

It means that you can follow better the speed of your brain and focus your time on things that you actually can’t (or still don’t know how to) shortcut. This means delivering faster and getting more time to learn and put effort into more important things.

The only problem here (let’s call it challenge) is that at the beginning it’s slower to use them than not to use them. Because it takes time and a process to interiorize them.

Guillem shares knowledge about the most important shortcuts to improve productivity

But how would you feel if from now on you couldn’t use Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V anymore? Exactly, let’s try to have more of those from now on.

At isolutions, we use an extension called Resharper. It gives you a bunch of new shortcuts and other features that will help you do the same things you already did but in a more efficient way. I want to mention as well that some of them won’t fit you, so you can always go to your IDE and modify them in order to make them more easy or accessible.

"I'll share with you a list that I always place on my secondary monitor, so I start learning them. Once I learned some of them, I change them for new ones that I want to learn next. This is the only way to learn them, enforcing yourself to use them day after day. Until once you no longer need to remember yourself to use it or to look at the table. (The first 2 have the schema changed as I believe they are useful shortcuts)."

Another useful tool when developing .NET with Visual Studio is using given keywords such as "prop" or "ctor", which will create a property and the constructor of the class automatically for you, respectively.

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In the end, you should find the shortcuts that fit most into your daily work and start learning them, I can assure you that this is something that you won’t regret, as the cost-gain balance is huge.

And don’t forget, this is not only for Developers if you are using a computer in your daily life, but there are also tons of shortcuts you can learn and find on the internet.