We shape the future
Intelligent use of technology enables us to create exceptional employee and customer experiences. In doing so, we create a culture in which fantastic people can flourish far beyond their own limits. This is essential for customers who want to transform the future in entire industries.

Empowering Digital Transformation with Tailored Software Solutions

Since our inception in 1999 in the picturesque town of Unterseen, Switzerland, we have grown into a thriving company with over 200 exceptional crew members and more than 300 satisfied customers.

Our journey over the past two decades has been driven by our passion for creating digital working environments that foster creativity, facilitate intelligent collaboration, and deliver exceptional customer experiences with every interaction.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, successful transformation is the cornerstone of future success across all industries. At isolutions, we understand that technology plays a pivotal role in enabling digitization. As a proud multi-award-winning Microsoft partner, we specialize in the areas of Modern Work, Cybersecurity, Cloud Infrastructure, Business Apps and CRM, Process Optimization, and Data-Driven Insights. Our dedicated team of developers and engineers crafts tailor-made, cloud-based solutions using cutting-edge frameworks such as Azure, .NET, Dynamics 365, Office 365, Microsoft 365, and SharePoint.

isolutions Infinity Loop

Why we are here

Our vision

#1 in creating the best Employee and Customer Experience

As visionaries, we want to conquer the world. We want to be the very best in achieving our goals and shaping the future of our customers. The Infinity Loop© is the illustration of our vision. The associated KPIs are the goals, needs, and day-to-day issues of our customers. 

Zeichnung des isolutions Visionsbildes

What we do

Our mission

  • We build and operate cloud infrastructures 
  • to create a digital workplace that employees love.
  • We build and operate CRM solutions to create an outstanding customer experience
  • and we maximize the benefits for business by intelligently linking business applications, data and security.



About us

Our #culture

Mann mit CR Brille und Handsensoren vor einem Bildschirm

We always look to the Future

Together, we can change tomorrow's future today. #weshapethefuture

Woman having a coffee in a green kitchen while listening to her colleague

People first

We attach great importance to the individual skills of each employee. Only together can we create great things! #bettertogether

Group of people standing around a ping pong table cheering

Three cheers for Team Spirit

We work together and for one another. Everyone has their own responsibilities and brings their own personality and ability to the job. But there’s always time for a match of ping-pong or an after-work beer. #teamwork

Meeting room with wooden table, blue chairs and a whiteboard in the back

Modern office in the heart of Barcelona

The office in Barcelona is centrally located and therefore well connected and accessible. Barcelona is a city with many opportunities and leisure activities. #LiveWorkBarcelona #modernworkspaces

Group of people taking pictures with funny hats in front of a photo booth

Events are in our DNA

Hard work should be rewarded! We always start the year with our annual kick-off, end the summer with a summer party and round off the year with a big Christmas party. But we also celebrate our successes throughout the year with quarterly parties, happenings and get-togethers – with the team and with clients. #celebratesuccesstogether #morefuntogether

Two women having a drink and chatting

Flat hierarchies & open feedback culture

We believe in the skills and abilities of every employee. With us, it is not about climbing the career ladder – specialist and management skills are valued and rewarded equally. With us, you can get involved and make a difference. Exchange, open communication and feedback are all part of our corporate culture and are actively put into practice.
So we can achieve success together. #togetherwegohigh

Big group of people raising their arms

Great Place to Work

We are proud to bear the official «Great Place to Work» Switzerland award. Our offices in Berne, Zurich, Basel and Barcelona are all in prime locations, modern and generously equipped. #proudofworkplaceculture

YB Hackathon 2020

Employee Development

Not only do we shape the future of our customers, we also offer our employees development opportunities – individually tailored to their personal needs. #shapeyourcareer

A laptop with a coffee cup on a table


What does your dream employer look like? We believe in a hybrid model for maximum efficiency. Whether you work from home or in our isolutions office, we make it possible. Because a healthy work-life balance is important to us! #wecareaboutyou

Team picture with the mountains in the background

Conquering the world through Passion

We believe through and through that people and their satisfaction are the key to a worthwhile future. A future where we overcome challenges together and achieve extraordinary things. And where we put our heart and soul into doing so.  #heartwork

Employees playing ping pong

4 locations across Europe

The head office of isolutions is located in Bern. The company has two other offices in Switzerland, in Zurich and Basel, and an office in Barcelona that can accommodate up to 70 people. The Barcelona team frequently visits their Swiss colleagues for various events, including the annual SnowBootCamp. #oneisolutions

Office with blue walls and working islands with screens
Meeting room with a standing desk and a big screen
View of the green internal terrace of the isolutions office

Our Office in Barcelona

Our office reflects three elements of Barcelona. 

Blue represents the sea, beige reflects the sand on the beach and green is used to represent the meadows.

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News at isolutions

SalutaCoach Applikation

Success Story

Thanks to new application to reduction of numerous additional efforts

As the processes led to numerous additional efforts, SalutaCoach decided to implement a new application that would help simplify communication, planning and surveys.

Lusee Consulting 2

Success Story

Thanks to interactive Conversations increased Sales Opportunities

Lusee makes consulting meetings interactive. isolutions supported them in software development and helped to further develop the application and bring it to market.

BOBST Life Program

Success Story

Employee Experience 2.0 - Leading Innovation BOBST Life Program for 5'000 Employees

A powerful collaboration platform as well as location-independent collaboration is of high importance for BOBST. Therefore, BOBST decided to transform to the cloud and Microsoft 365.

Gartenmann Engineering WaaS

Success Story

From successful Cloud Transformation to secure and reliable Operation

After successful cloud transformation, Gartenmann Engineering had higher productivity and efficiency. For further support, they opted for «Workplace as a Service» and «Azure Operations as a Service».

SIX Group Digital Workplace

Success Story

Despite strong Regulations with Flex-Client to modern Workplace and Innovation Drive

Companies that are in a highly regulated area of activity often have to deal with more hurdles for modern collaboration. Nevertheless, the need to be able to work flexibly with external partners is also increasing in these companies, for example in the financial sector.

Success Story

Change Management leads to mutual Understanding and increased Productivity among 25'000 Employees

isolutions implemented for SBB an adoption and change management program. More than 25'000 users were migrated to Office 365. The usage of the new platform could be increased by 200%.

SBB Microsoft 365 Roll-out

Success Story

Over 30'000 Users migrated to new digital Workplace and saved Costs in the Process

SBB migrated over 30'000 users to the new digital workplace. The employees now use Microsoft Office. In addition, more than 120 people from top management were trained in the use of new technologies.

Militär Mitarbeitende seilen sich von einem Helikopter ab

Success Story

Web application for nursing and hospital internship management

Smart web application for the management of nursing and hospital internships commissioned by the Swiss Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports (DDPS).