Tech MeetUp October

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19. October 2023 @ 18.00

What you can expect

Level up your Developer Velocity with Azure, GitHub Actions, Codespace & Copilot

Do you know how to increase the ability of development teams to drive innovation and business performance within your organization?
In this session, we will address the fundamentals of driving business performance by creating the right environments and removing the friction points for developers to innovate.
We will show you how we can debugger, container execution, terminals, and everything necessary that will allow us to establish our development environment wherever we are and without depending on having our own machine, just with our browser.

In addition, we will make use of artificial intelligence and other tools to help us in the development and modernization of applications.

Manuel Sánchez Rodríguez

Azure Evangelist & Technical Manager at NTT DATA | Microsoft MVP Azure

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18.00 Welcome
18.30 Keynote
20.00 End


Thursday, 19.10.2023



18.00 - 20.00