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isolutions Developer Academy

Passion for technology is part of our DNA, we love to share this experience by empowering fantastic people.

The isolutions Developer Academy is the perfect jump board for our junior developers. A personalized learning path, real projects and a customized ladder of technical and team-centered skills give the developers solid knowledge to face new challenges.

Joaquim, Jean-Baptiste, Raúl and Cristian, are some of the junior developers involved in the Developer Academy. Starting about a year ago, they have experienced the personalized learning path and challenges firsthand. The Academy is the ideal option for career growth and development for the fantastic crew.

“At isolutions, we enter as junior and are accompanied all along the journey to becoming a senior. The academy allows us to learn and show the skills we’ve had the opportunity to develop. It is a way to improve your skills, as a result, you stay motivated!” – Jean-Baptiste Castillo

How does the journey start? It begins with a meeting to define the individual starting point and design the competence path. Each junior developer is assigned a full list of skill modules, depending on their previous knowledge and experience.

“The Academy has given me the chance of improving my skills, in specific areas such as pipelines or testing. I believe that it is the way to go for junior developers to keep learning in a structured way. It sets a base to grow with and within the company’s philosophy. It also proves that they take care of us from the beginning.” – Cristian Rodriguez

During their journey in the Academy, they train and work on real customer projects at the same time. Thereby, the developers can learn and already successfully collaborate in a development team.

“The first time I heard from IT Academy was in my interview. I was a bit skeptical about it, it was too good to be completely real, so I wasn’t expecting it to be exactly as they said. Knowing exactly what to do to improve your position and your programming skills in a direction that makes sense for you and the company is good.

You don’t use any of your free time. The tasks encourage you to leave your comfort zone and do things, during your work time, that you normally wouldn’t because there are experts in that area in the team. Other tasks consist of reading books or learning new topics, doing technical talks about it, all while using your training time. I am doing the last steps of The Academy; it has been a great experience. It’s being a good journey, and the feeling when you advance one step is amazing” – Joaquim Salinas

Constant feedback and reviews are key factors in having the best results. Our field-proven experts share their skills and empower them to complete a task faster and better. A Skill Party is organized once every quarter to see if the submissions meet the criteria described in our learning catalogue. Reaching new levels and accumulating enough competencies can lead to new challenges and projects within the company.

“As a junior developer, the Developer Academy has guided me to what areas I should focus on improving to become a more all-rounded developer and less reliant on other people to carry on the work little by little. The challenges given to us are key to learning the different technologies and how to give more to the team and the project.” –  Raul Tudurí

Through the Developer Academy, we want to empower junior software developers and create a unique learning experience. Are you a Junior Developer looking to improve your career? Join us.

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