BeachBootCamp 2022

Ready for take-off

These words marked the start of the first BeachBootCamp in the history of isolutions. 

The dream of the entire isolutions team to fly to Barcelona became reality. The whole crew of around 200 employees met in Barcelona in June 2022. Discussing and working together in the new office, going to the beach, or partying together. This year was the year.

At the top of the list was the development of innovative ideas for the future of isolutions and our customers and, of course, getting to know each other better.

Together in BCN
One dream unites the crew: All together in Barcelona!
BeachBootCamp 2022

Video clip about the BCN Beach Boot Camp

Impressions of the event

Business Speed Dating

Agenda of Business Speed Dating

The vision of the Speed Datings began with traditional Spanish tapas, lots of laughter, and lively discussions. Depending on their interests, employees were able to attend 4 out of 6 sessions and gain insight into isolutions' strategic themes. For 20 minutes, the keynote speakers explained what each theme was about and how we can use it to play an even more active role in shaping the future of our customers.


  • Cyber Security
  • Consulting to be different
  • WaaS, AOaaS, XaaS
  • WSFT (we shape the future)
  • Skill Model
  • Excellence in Communication


Team night

After the informative and inspiring Vision Speed Datings, the employees met in their respective business units to end the evening with individual programs such as a GoCar tour through Barcelona, a sailing trip, or beach volleyball on the beach.

Keynote Speeches


On Friday morning, all employees gathered in the hotel lobby early in the morning and were ready for the upcoming keynote speeches by Chris Friedemann Dickhaus, Franz Immer and Daniel Arber.


Future challenges in consulting

Chris Friedemann Dickhaus, Managing Partner at digitalpurpose, showed us in his presentation how a company can move from operational excellence over digital products & services up to digital business model change. The most important insight was that it is essential to understand the challenges and the possible future of the company.

Chris Friedemann Dickhaus

Chris Friedemann Dickhaus
Managing Partner at digitalpurpose

From digitalisation to efficient organ donation

Franz Immer, Medical Director and CEO of Swisstransplant, took the team on an emotional and moving journey. He talked about how isolutions has successfully and sustainably changed the process of organ donation, from pre-screening to organ harvesting, transport and transplantation. Through a real-life story of a young girl, we realised the contribution we could make to save Swisstransplant valuable time in processing organ donations in the future. It was an insight that touched the whole crew and made them proud.

Dr. Franz Immen

PD Dr. med. Franz Immer
Medical Director & CEO at Swisstransplant

A matter of perspective

The talk by Daniel Arber, CEO and founder of Daniel Arber Consulting, was all about customer obsession. What does it take today to live and cultivate true customer obsession? The most important insight is that it all starts with the mindset. The starting point of any reflection must be what the customer needs to be successful and what challenges are keeping them awake at night. What can we do to get our customers excited about the future of their business?

Daniel Arber

Daniel Arber
CEO and Founder at Daniel Arber Consulting

Business Hackathon

isolutions Business Hackathon

On Friday afternoon the time had finally come and David Schneider, our General Manager from Barcelona, opened the first isolutions Business Hackathon with the entire crew in attendance. In the weeks leading up to the BeachBootCamp, various customers were contacted to find out what challenges they were currently facing. The aim of the Business Hackathon was to work in interdisciplinary teams for four hours to develop innovative solutions to existing business challenges. The focus was not on the technology, but on getting to know the customer and understanding their business and the challenges they face.

The various teams were divided into all roles and departments. They spent four hours discussing, sketching and developing the first prototypes. It was exciting to see how the team members, some of whom did not know each other, inspired and motivated each other in such a short time. The resulting solutions were then presented to the judges in an elevator pitch in the semi-final. As the grand finale approached, the tension mounted. The best teams from each challenge presented their solution in plenary and the whole crew could vote for the best pitch via an app. It was a day full of inspiration, innovation and for us, another step towards actively shaping the future of our customers. #weshapethefuture

BeachBootCamp Party
Employees during an after-work event on the rooftop terrace
Two women having a drink while speaking to each other
Terrace with some furniture and people sitting and standing around
A man and a woman speaking while having a beer
Buffet of snacks on a rooftop terrace
Box full of cold beer bottles
Two men and a woman on a terrace toasting to the camera with a beer

Beach party

Great party all together

We saved the fireworks for the end. After an exciting and lively hackathon, several buses were waiting to take the entire company to the party location on the beach in Barcelona. In true isolutions style, the end of such an event was duly celebrated. People celebrated, danced and laughed until late into the night.

Inspired by the various sessions and keynote speeches, motivated by the exchange with colleagues and a little wistful when thinking about the memories, we returned to our offices.

Would you like to be part of this adventurous journey and take part in the next isolutions company event? Then contact us and get to know us better in a relaxed atmosphere.

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