Summer Party 2023

Isolutions Selfie

Summer, warm temperatures, water and a bombastic atmosphere. - that was our isolutions Summer Party! As the summer sun graced us with its presence, our Barcelona team embarked on an unforgettable trip to Switzerland for our company's big summer party. Here's the story of our week in Switzerland, full of adventure, knowledge and fun!

The entire Barcelona team flies to Switzerland

Some arrived in Bern, others in Zurich, but we all had a common goal - to work together, exchange ideas and make new connections. 

Thursday marked the arrival of the final group at our Zurich office, nestled conveniently within Zurich's vibrant airport area known as "The Circle". As we approached the office, we notice the awe-inspiring modern architecture that surrounded us, setting the stage for a day filled with innovation and collaboration. Our warm welcome to the Zurich office was followed by a delightful breakfast feast, with Catalan specialities, which the Barcelona team brought as a host gift.

Find out more about the highlights of our week in Switzerland.

River Zurich

Lunch Break by the River

On one sunny Wednesday, the Bern team decided to break away from the usual office routine and enjoy lunch by the river. Everyone packed all the things they had with them into a swimming bag and then one after the other jumped from the Schonausteg bridge into the Aare. After this action-packed lunch break, we went back to the office recharged with energy.

River Bar

Game night and river party

As night fell, our team split between two events. While one team headed out to a riverside bar, another engaged in an epic battle of Dungeons & Dragons right in the office in Zurich.

While the weather-proof board gamers carried on undeterred, the river bar attendees faced a surprise downpour. But when it comes to isolutions, no storm can cancel our fun! Laughter, music, and mouthwatering cocktails filled the evening air. 

Internal technical conference


It's time to EMPOWER! The next day was the day of Empower 2023 conference, a cornerstone of our corporate culture. 

This event was the 5th edition of our internal technical conference held at the Microsoft Office. The aim of the EMPOWER conference is to transfer knowledge among ourselves, but also with external speakers such as Florian Badertscher and Fabian Gosebrink, to generate new insights for our crew.

Expert Insights and Knowledge Sharing

EMPOWER Group Picture
Alberto Tech Talk
Ignacio Cepa Speech
EMPOWER Coffee Catch Up

The conference featured an all-star line-up of speakers who shared their expertise on a range of topics, from cutting-edge technology to innovative strategies. Our very own Barcelona team members were among the stars who graced the stage. Topics ranged from AI SecOps to building modern web applications and bridging the gap between pro-code and low-code solutions.

isolutions Summer Party

Finally it was time for the moment we had all been waiting for - the isolutions Summer Party!

On the last warm day of summer, the Crew from Bern, Basel, Zurich and Barcelona came together for a big get together. Besides water activities, we toast the first half of the year together, share wins & fails and learn more about the passion of other Future Shapers.

Water activities

We had the chance to dive into various water activities, from SUP and swimming to pedalo riding. And as always, isolutions didn't miss a beat; even our action team had a little aperitif station right next to the water fun.


BIG isolutions Group Selfie!

Our Summer Party officially kicked off with inspiring speeches at the Bauschänzli location, right by the beautiful Swiss lake. Our CEO, Josua, even took a big group selfie with a giant selfie stick to capture the moment.

Group Selfie

Dinner by the lake

Afterward, we indulged in a barbecue feast that catered to all tastes, from sausages and meat to vegetarian specialties. Despite some unpredictable weather, we quickly found shelter and continued to enjoy the summer party vibe, complete with ice cream desserts and classic Mandelbärli from Bern.

Dinner Location

Passion stickers for passionate people

A highlight of the party was our "Passion Stickers" activity, where stickers with different symbols were scattered on tables for everyone to adorn their party outfits. 

This creative icebreaker led to unique sticker teams and fostered conversations among colleagues. It was a great success, and we ended the evening by the lake in the moonlight, creating memories that will last a lifetime. As the night came to a close, we said our goodbyes to Switzerland and each other, knowing that this incredible week had strengthened our bonds as a team and left us with unforgettable experiences. Rumor has it that some Passion stickers even made their way to Langstrasse.

With hearts full of joy we boarded our flight back to our beautiful Barcelona, ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead.

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