Web application for nursing and hospital internship management

Smart web application for the management of nursing and hospital internships commissioned by the Swiss Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports (DDPS).

The Command Support Organisation (CSO) ensures that the armed forces can carry out their missions by providing services in the areas of ICT and electronic operations. It ensures the command and control capability of the armed forces in all situations.

Initial Situation

The existing Access application has reached the end of its life cycle. New requirements could no longer be implemented with this technology.


In collaboration with isolutions, a web application was introduced. This enables the planning, implementation, billing and evaluation of nursing and hospital internships for members of the armed forces (AdA).

The portal is intuitive to use and tailored to the needs of the users. The digitalization and automation of the processes has reduced the workload for DDPS employees. All work is done in the same tool. They are partially automated. This enables processing without media discontinuity, from assignment to mass printing
of assignment letters and certificates to billing the training institutions.

With the simple import of master data, errors are avoided and resources are saved. The automated process without media breaks is an impressive example of smart digitization.

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smart digitization of processes
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processes without media discontinuity


  • The DDPS has a central web application available at any time for the planning, implementation, evaluation and billing of nursing and hospital internships.
  • The processes are automated.
  • Processing is possible without media discontinuity.
  • The time required for the processes could be cut in half.

Urs Streit

Project Manager | VBS

«Thanks to the new web application, we were able to cut the lead time of the entire process in half.»