Despite strong Regulations with Flex-Client to modern Workplace and Innovation Drive

Companies that are in a highly regulated field of activity often have to deal with more hurdles for modern collaboration. Nevertheless, the need to be able to work flexibly with external partners is also increasing in these companies, for example in the financial sector.

SIX is a central infrastructure provider and ensures the flow of information and money between banks, traders, investors and service providers worldwide. SIX is constantly developing new systems for the financial technology of the future. The company is owned by its users which are around 125 banks.

Initial Situation

SIX Group operates in a highly regulated area. At the same time, however, there is a growing need for the company to be able to work flexibly with external partners and access external ecosystems. In order to keep the gap as small as possible, SIX Group has launched the «Digital Workspace» project, in which isolutions supported the company.


To address this tension, SIX has introduced two client versions. A strongly managed client for employees who primarily work in the regulated segment, and a flex client that is used in more open areas. The Flex client was introduced specifically for innovative needs and for easier and more flexible collaboration with external persons.

For this purpose, a client type was developed that has connectivity to the Internet but is not directly integrated into the SIX infrastructure. Since the client is not integrated into the SIX network, it also reduces the cyber risk for the SIX infrastructure and only accesses SIX applications via controlled web accesses. Otherwise, the client communicates exclusively via Microsoft 365 and is managed via Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune). Document security is ensured via document encryption based on «twiAzure Information Protection», which decides which documents can be shared with external persons or secured in the cloud based on the classification of the documents. Compliance with the protection concept is monitored via the Microsoft security component «Cloud Application

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mobile-enabled flex client
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complete integration into SIX SOC


  • «Shadow IT» could be reduced.
  • Employees can collaborate much more easily and flexible with external partners.
  • SIX Group continues to have sovereignty over its data.

Christoph Brechbühler

Head of Systems | SIX Group

«We have now been working with a motivated team of isolutions engineers for 24 months. In the field of workplace and security, isolutions stands out due to its competent expertise and experience from numerous projects in the FSI area and proximity to its technology partner Microsoft. The combination of these elements has delivered excellent results in the project to date.»