Digitization of Processes for improved Planning and as an Innovation Driver

Swisstransplant decided to migrate to the cloud in order to optimize the digitization of its infrastructure and processes. And to be able to invest in future innovations.

Swisstransplant is the Swiss national foundation for organ donations and transplants. The foundation’s aim is to promote, develop and coordinate organ, tissue and cell transplants. Swisstransplant oversees the waiting list of organ transplant recipients on behalf of the Federal Office of Public Health of the Swiss Confederation (BAG) and is responsible for the allocation of organs in accordance with the law. Swisstransplant also coordinates the transport logistics and manages the expense reports related to the donation process in compliance with quality assurance requirements

Initial Situation

A significant increase in organ donations is expected in the coming years, prompted by a boost in awareness campaigns and a change in legislation. However, there is a high number of man-hours involved in accompanying an organ donation from the preliminary assessment stage to the actual removal of the organ, its transportation and the transplant operation. Swisstransplant was looking for a solution that would simplify and speed up the process and improve coordination.


The central starting point is a web platform that provides registered Swisstransplant employees with access to all the systems they require for their work. The aim is for data relating to the donation to be documented as centrally and uniquely as possible, and for transportation to be organized via the platform. This simplifies the process as a whole, saves time and also reduces the rate of errors.

The individual work steps are recorded in a centrally maintained, audit-compliant log. Standardized emails are sent to the parties in question to facilitate the workflow and reduce the number of interfaces and solutions required for a single work step.

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The gaps in media that remain are inefficient, use up available time and pose a risk of an incorrect entry. The task for isolutions now is to support the digitalization of the accompanying processes so that personnel resources can be deployed effectively and exactly where they are required. This will ensure the processes are documented in a comprehensive, audit-proof manner. In particular, the intention to provide real-time monitoring of organs during transit will help transplant teams to prepare an exact plan and deploy their resources accordingly.

PD Dr. med. Franz Immer

Cardiovascular Consultant | Medical Director | CEO | Swisstransplant

«It is crucial for us to digitalize our infrastructure and processes. Microsoft Azure’s comprehensive range of innovative tools combined with the local expertise that comes from having isolutions as our partner convinced us to switch to the cloud. Looking back, we made exactly the right decision, as it allowed for seamless remote collaboration during lockdown and enabled us to invest in innovations like device tracking and real-time insights.»