Thanks to new application to reduction of numerous additional efforts

As the processes led to numerous additional efforts, SalutaCoach decided to implement a new application. Thanks to the new application for instance communication, planning and surveys are much easier to handle.

SalutaCoach is a start-up of the University of Basel and offers effective, scientifically based and sustainable health promotion. The goal is to help people increase their personal health literacy and achieve their individual health goals. The coaching platform is an essential factor for successful 1:1 coaching. The secure platform enables the exchange between coach and client, and supports in changing habits. All coaches have a degree in sports science, psychology, physiotherapy or similar.

Initial Situation

SalutaCoach pursues the goal of actively supporting people in the prevention of physical and mental illnesses and empowers them to independently make health-related decisions. Through targeted 1:1 online coaching, employees of companies or private individuals are accompanied by a personal coach (CAS Personal Health Coach). In addition to the online coaching sessions, the contact between the coaching sessions via chat function, as well as the detailed documentation within the framework of a coaching journal is an important component of the coaching. As well, efficient customer management on the part of the coach is essential for successful coaching. The processes for this were not yet optimal and led to numerous additional efforts for the coaches.


Together with SalutaCoach, isolutions has developed an application that not only serves as a communication platform for customers and their coaches, but also offers task tracking, enables central knowledge transfer and facilitates customer management for coaches. In addition, the new application also shows progress. Sessions can be scheduled with a coach, appointment invitations can be sent, and session summaries can be shared via the custom solution. Thanks to the connection to Microsoft Teams, video calls can be held easily on all devices, agreements and tips can be exchanged via chat, and images or PDFs can be attached. In the journal, a log of all activities and goals is available to the client and coach at any time. Push messages remind clients of their sessions, for example, and inform them of new messages from their coach. The coach has the option to preset messages and send them automatically at a desired time. The automations minimize recurring efforts for SalutaCoach and their coaches. Furthermore, SalutaCoach can use easily attached surveys to gather more information about specific topics or customer requests and respond to them quickly.

increase reliability in planning
increase of the user experience for coaches
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  • SalutaCoach has a coaching platform where coaches and clients can exchange chat messages via Microsoft Teams, hold video calls and share knowledge as well as tips. All via one app.
  • By connecting to Microsoft Teams, many features could be integrated quickly.
  • Customers automatically have an overview of all information and interactions in the app. No more manual effort is required.
  • Thanks to the chat function, secure communication between coach and user can be ensured.
  • Knowledge transfer via the journal makes the necessary knowledge easily accessible to the user.
  • The individual solution offers SalutaCoach an appearance according to their CI/CD - which could not be realized with the standard solution and often made customers uncertain.
  • Effective customer management

Angela Metzger

Operation Manager and Member of the Executive Board | SalutaCoach

«We face the challenge of developing an optimal solution for two very different target groups. On the one hand for our customers, but on the other hand also for the coaches. Together with the isolutions team, these challenges were recognized very quickly and within a short time we were already able to use a functioning MVP that met the needs of both user groups. Further development took place in a needs-oriented manner and changes to plans could be quickly incorporated and implemented.»